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NOTE: Visit SurferBeware Safety for more information on:

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Question: How safe am I when I am surfing the internet?
Response: Generally speaking, the Internet is a pretty safe place.  But the Internet can be dangerous, just like there are dangers to anything you do in real life.

Question: What are some of the dangers of the Internet?
Response: When you go on the Internet, you risk the chance of downloading a computer virus, having your personal information sold to companies, having your surfing patterns and demographics tracked through cookies, and having your credit card number stolen.

Question: Are there any tools that I can use to protect my computer while online?
Response: Yes, there are many precautions you can take, but they are discussed in our Firewall Section.

Question: What is the difference between Internet safety and security?
Response: Internet safety deals with threats to the surfer's person, where as security targets threat which can "cripple" the surfer's computer.

Question: Is it safe to trust people I meet on the Internet?
Response: There are people on the Internet who can be trusted, but there are also people on the Internet who can't be trusted, and it is very difficult to tell them apart. Your best bet is not to trust anyone you don't know in person.

Question: What should I do to protect my kids while they are online?
Response: A good idea would be to create a Internet Usage contract with your kids and post it on the wall next to the computer.  You can view a sample contract here. Please visit our Parents Tips page.










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