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Stop Popup Ads

Why Popups are so annoying?

Why Popups are more than just annoying?

Why do websites use popup ads?

How do I stop the popups?

What about annoying ads?


Why Popups are so annoying?

  1. Popup windows force the user to leave their browser window. You have to stop whatever you are doing, bring the window to the front, and then close it.
  2. Popup windows happen out of your control.  They are forced upon the visitor.
  3. Typically, popup ads are too frequent. Each time you go to a new page or return to an old one, another popup window is created. 
  4. Popup windows accumulate. If you never close them, they can rapidly multiply into dozens of new windows cluttering your desktop 

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Why Popups are more than just annoying?

Popups can install install spyware, viruses and other malicious code with or without the users permission.  There have been stories of popups continuing to install their spyware even after the user has clicked "Cancel" or "no" to install the software.  Fortunately antivirus software such as Norton Antivirus 2003 will prevent the malicious code form being run on your computer and and free antispyware software can stop most of the spyware. 

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Why do websites use popup ads?

A popup ad is a form of advertisement where Javascript is used in HTML pages to open a new window of your browser that displays advertisements. 

For early advertising-supported websites, banner ads were sufficient revenue generators, but eventually the prices paid for banner ad clickthroughs decreased and more effective advertisements were needed. Popup ads by their nature are difficult to ignore or overlook, making them more effective than static banner ads. 

Popups have a much higher click rate then Web banner ads do, so sites use them to generate more money. 

I guess I could have just said money.

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How do I stop popups?

Tidbit(s): Ctrl-W or Apple-W: If you get a pop-up you don't like, you can just do the "keyboard kibosh" - hit W while pressing the CTRL key (on a PC) or hit W while pressing the Apple key (on a Mac).

The best way to stop popups is to use a pop-up blocker. Popup blockers effectively stop popups while you surf. I don't see any need to purchase a pop blocker as there are very good free alternatives.

Currently, I use Norton Internet Security 2003 to stop popups. I know I said there isn't any need to pay for a popup blocker, but Norton Internet Security 2003 comes with a firewall antivirus software and advertising blocking options. Prior to using Norton Internet Security 2003 I used the Google toolbar to stop popups. The toolbar was great and I didn't have any issues with it. So why did I switch? Well, I knew Norton Internet Security 2003 had this functionality and I figured since I paid for the package I should use it. I tested the popup blocking capabilities and it passed with flying colors.

Here are some free popup blockers:

Google Toolbar

If you are using a Windows PC, you should download the free "Toolbar," which installs a search box on your Web browser, speeding up the search process - and now offering a pop-up ad blocker . Only works on Explorer - a great reason to switch from Netscape. (Once you install it, you can use ALT+G to access the search box instantly, without using the mouse).


If you are on a Mac, you should upgrade to OS X so you can use the Safari browser, which automatically blocks pop-ups. 



NOTE: Regardless of what blocker you use, make sure you test it on the Popup Blocker Tester page.

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What about annoying ads?

I got you covered on the stop annoying ads page.

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